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Order Management

Orders management and integration with Run-x platform


We can help you automate orders planning either for same day delivery or one year supply. We ensure that work plans are automatically updated when unexpected changes take place. Just think of the time spent on growing your business and the time we can save you on manual scheduling, order segregation or specifying best routes for delivery team. Once you use our Order Management System your operations will be more efficient ,and all changes are automated and updated in seconds. Run-x Order management system will automatically replan and reschedule your routes if things change in the moments by sending real-time data, accurate delivery times to your customers and delivery drivers.

Automated Routes update

Routes may change according to traffic, weather or other reasons. Run-x order management solution counts even last-second orders or cancellations and automatically SMS customers in real time, and provides delivery teams with the tasks next inline via Run-x driver mobile app.

Customized order assignment

We are highly efficient in managing our fleet or planning delivery schedules, we can specify customers’ needs and assign orders to drivers matching customer’s expectations with the required skills.